REVIEW: No Regrets by Aimee Noalane

If life ever taught me anything, it's that nothing should be taken for granted.
One moment is all it takes to break a promise.
Friendship turns into love.
One second is all it takes to end a life.
Love twists into pain.
One distraction is all it takes to change your destiny.
Pain transforms into hate.
One moment.
One second.
One distraction.
Hate becomes all consuming.
I'm in love with my best friend, and that one second is about to change everything.

Oh my GAWD. MY HEART. This book is an amazing beginning to what I have a feeling is going to be one of my new favorite series! This one seriously pulled at my heart strings, and left me wanting so much more. The angst is off the charts, and I'm over here clearly rooting for these two best friends to just admit to the other that they love each other, but they keep stepping around the topic and I'm like JUST TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM.

"I wish I could just tell you that Im in love with you..."

Unfortunately, an unforeseen tragedy strikes and Oliver blames himself, which leads to him making a pretty big life changing choice. From there, he and Abby's relationship just goes on a downward spiral, pushing them farther and farther apart. And this folks, is where my heart is full on BREAKING. Like I'm talking, shattered on the ground. I wanted to jump into the book and shake the both of them and ask "why are you putting me through this torture?"

"I wish things could have been different for us, but I guess our destinies decided otherwise."

This book ends on a cliffhanger, and luckily the entire series is out so I can binge it, onto book 2!!

Rating: 5 Hearts

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