Design Services for Authors

In addition to being a bookworm, I'm an illustrator and surface designer! I am so happy to be able to combine my love for reading and art together.

I offer design and printing services for authors on a variety of products including: vinyl decal stickers, magnets, buttons and bookmarks. These products make for great promotional swag items that your readers and fans are sure to love!

The following will explain the entire process, pricing, and everything there is to know about the design services I currently offer. At the bottom of this page there is an inquiry form that you can fill out and then we can get to working together!

Product Design Ideas

  • PROMO ITEMS FOR YOURSELF: Your name hand lettered with your website/social media info OR with en element relating to your books or latest release
  • PROMO ITEMS FOR YOUR NEW RELEASE: The title of your book hand lettered with your name and possibly a significant element or icon from the book
  • PROMO ITEMS FOR YOUR NEW RELEASE: A special quote from your book hand lettered and possibly a significant element or icon from the book
  • PROMO ITEMS FOR YOUR NEW RELEASE: An illustration relating to your book
  • PROMO ITEMS FOR YOUR SERIES: Illustrated stack of books with the title on each book representing all the books in a series

And there are SO many more ideas, but those are just a few! I'm always happy to work with authors on helping you to bring your ideas to life and being someone you can talk about your ideas freely with. I'm more than happy to give suggestions and to hear what you've got in mind!


Example of Vinyl Stickers For an Author's New Release

Vinyl Decal Sticker Examples


Design Fee: $25 per design (ex: if you would like two different designs, it would be $50) Includes revisions

Please see the charts below to see pricing breakdown based on the product you're looking for. (Please note: The design fee is in ADDITION to the prices below) There will also be a charge for shipping.

Design Services Inquiry

Please get in touch with me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I can't wait to work with you!

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